Teen Book Review: Inkheart by Corneila Funke

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inkheart-cornelia-funke-21237773.jpgHere's a new book review by Emma on Cornelia Funke's novel Inkheart:

Meggie, 12, has grown up with her father, Mo, who is an expert book binder. One day a mysterious figure named Dustfinger appeared in the rain. Mo, Dustfinger, and Meggie flee to Aunt Elinor's house. Meggie discovers that when Mo reads aloud he has the ability to "read" characters in and out of stories. Mo tells Meggie that when Meggie was a baby he accidentally read her mother into a story called Inkheart. Not only that, but Dustfinger, a fire eater, and Capricorn, a evil king, came out. Capricorn captures Mo, Meggie, Dustfinger, and Elinor. When Meggie figures out she has the same talent as Mo she is determined to save her mother and her father. Will her voice save everyone or will it destroy her forever? Prepare to read all night and read the best book ever.

I would definitely recommend this book to a friend. Inkheart includes intense problems, thrilling action, and passionate characters. Every chapter is filled with suspense, making you want to read on. The topic of Inkheart is an unusual topic that conjures amazing images in your head while you read. Cornelia Funke has strong language and a captivating way of writing. I believe everyone should read Inkheart.

Rating: Love it.

Thanks for the great review Emma! We've got another review of yours coming up soon. 

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