Teen Book Review: F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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GreatGatsby.pngFirst time reviewer Catherine weighs in with a review of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

The story within the pages of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby takes place on Long Island, its focus switching between the two "eggs" of the Island, the East and West eggs. The inhabitants of the West Egg are lower class working citizens drastically different in wealth and connections from the wealthy citizens of East Egg leading extravagant lifestyles in lavish conditions extravagant. These two landmasses that make up Long Island are not only divided geographically by water but also socially by differing statuses. While it is not impossible to travel between the eggs, upon reaching the opposite egg one would face extreme difficulty in gaining acceptance. the people of the East and West egg do not mesh easily, or often. However Nick Carraway, the protagonist, is one of the rare exceptions to the divisions between the rich eggers and the poor. Nick breaches the barrier through a unexpected friendship with a mysterious exceedingly rich East Egger called Gatsby. An West egger at heart and economically Nick doesn't fit in on the East Egg, a outsider of sorts. It is through his friendship with Gatsby that Nick is introduced to the upper class social scene. Connected to both parts of Long Island and universally accepted to an extent by the inhabitants of both Nick experiences the lifestyles of both the rich and middle classes. This book chronicles Nick's exposure to the people of both eggs and his reactions. Nick is influenced strongly by the situations occurring on both circles of land. In the end me must decided whether to remain split between the two, not fitting in to either, or to cut loose and move.

I would recommend this book to my friends. It displays very different lifestyles, one filled with labor and the other with parties and economic security and how these surroundings affect the people in them. The characters within this book are well developed and intriguing, their emotions depicted in their actions. The Great Gatsby is filled with social drama and unexpected plot twists. I really enjoyed reading it.

Rating: Love it 

Thanks Catherine. Nice job.  And it goes without saying that the book is pretty popular with English teachers, so your very informative review will help a lot of students with understanding it. 

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