Teen Book Review: Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton

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11-8-2010 12-55-13 PM.jpgMolly's third (nice going!) book review is on Matthew Skelton's Endymion Spring:

Blake Winters is bored out of his mind. His mother, Dr Juliet Somers, and sister Duck are loving the vacation in Oxford, but Blake misses his father and home in America. While browsing in the Bodleian Library, a book no one else can read bites him; a book that some people would commit murder to get; a book that bears no title, just the words Endymion Spring. What is the secret of Endymion Spring? And how is it connected with Johann Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press? Blake doesn?t know, but he'd better find out. Because someone wants the book. And this person isn't going to ask nicely.

This is a great book for a rainy day. The plot catches you right away and holds you till the last page. I really enjoyed it!

Rating: Love it 

Thanks again Molly!  And for those of you who want to submit book reviews of your own to be posted here on the blog, click here.

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