Teen Book Review: Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

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11-5-2010 10-23-24 AM.pngMolly's back with another review, this time on Anne McCaffrey's Dragonflight:

Jora, Weyrwoman of Benden, is dead, and her Queen dragon Nemorth will soon follow. The bronze riders must ride in search of a girl to impress the next queen. But the Holds of Pern have grown to hate the Weyr. Nowhere is this more evident than in the High Reaches, where Fax has taken seven Holds. He disregards tradition, beats his Harpers for singing the Teaching Ballads, and does not believe that the hungry Threads will fall again.

But in Ruatha, last and least of Fax's Holds, bronze rider F'lar finds Lessa. She survived Fax's massacre of her family, and is now ready to Impress the baby queen, Ramoth. But the dragonriders face a great problem: The devouring Thread will soon fall from the Red Star, and only dragons can sear it from the sky. But during the last Threadfall, there were thousands of dragons. Now, only two hundred fly the skies of Pern. How can they hope to defeat their ancient foe?

Recommend?: I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the Inheritance Cycle. Ms. McCaffrey is a wonderful author, choosing her words carefully and well.

Rating: Love it

Great job Molly!  We've got one more from you coming up next week!  Meanwhile, if any of you out there want to contribute a book review or two, click here to see how you can do it and maybe win a Nano in the process! 



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