What is Doctor Who?

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who2.pngAre you a fan of science fiction television shows? Does the idea of a man traveling through space and time fighting monsters excite you? If so then Doctor Who is the show to watch.

"What is Doctor Who?"
Doctor Who is a science fiction television show that first aired on the British Broadcasting Channel in 1963. The show is about an alien named The Doctor, his companions and their adventures through time and space in a ship called the TARDIS. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space and the unique thing about this ship is that on the outside it looks like an old Police Box but on the inside there is a whole world of space. Not only is it bigger on the inside but it can also travel through time. On his adventures The Doctor and his companions run into a whole slew of monsters and aliens that range from robots to killer mannequins.
"Why, if it first aired in 1963, should I care about Doctor Who?"
Well even though it first aired 47 years ago new episodes are still being made, in fact it is the longest running science fiction television series in the world.
"How could it still be running today, what is the secret?"
Because the writers were clever and figured out a way to completely replace the main characters (The Doctor and his companion). The Doctor is a Time Lord and instead of dying he is able to completely rebuild his cells through a process called regeneration. But the result of this regeneration is that The Doctor goes through a complete physical change, basically he becomes a whole new person. Because of this trick the writers of this show have been able to keep it going for so long.
But there is one drawback of changing the main character, there are bound to be problems. From 1963 to today there have been eleven "Doctors" and each of them have been great and/or decent until now. The newest Doctor played by Mat Smith is nothing like the past actors (in a bad way); from the moment he appeared I did not like him. I even gave him a chance and watched an episode with him in it and I did not feel like I was watching Doctor Who, but instead a spinoff of the series.
"Why, if you are promoting the show, are you bashing the main character?"
Because I want to give my point of view of the show from the episodes I have seen. I have only seen the first, third, fourth, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh doctors and from those the one I have found least enjoyable was the eleventh. 
"Well from your list are there any you would recommend?"
Yes the tenth doctor played by David Tennant is absolutely amazing and if you want to start watching the series with a good impression then I would definitely suggest starting with his run.
"How will I understand what is going on if I start from the tenth doctor?"
Even though the show has the same story theme and atmosphere, each individual doctor has their own "series." For example imagine Doctor Who as a book, each Doctor would have their own individual chapter which follows their adventures. So you could start with the first one and work your way up, or you could start right in the middle.
"What Doctor did you start with?"
I started from the ninth doctor (which at the time was the current doctor) and had only heard of the show, never actually seen it. From watching the ninth doctor I got so hooked that I went online, researched the show, became a slight expert, and even watched some clips of past doctors. From that I went to the library and checked out some episodes from the past series and gained an even larger understanding of the show.
"This show sounds amazing how can I start watching it?"
If you want to watch older shows try looking online, going to your local library, or local video store. But if you want to watch the most current episodes, and you live in America, try to see if you already have or can get the BBC America channel. If you don't have or cannot get that channel then look around online, or go to your local video store after the season finale and buy the box set.
"So what is your overall opinion on the show, why do you like it?"
I don't watch it much anymore because I do not like the current direction it is taking (it could change). But I did mention earlier that I am a huge fan of the tenth doctor's series and this is for a number of reasons. The actor David Tennant played an amazing Doctor, he was funny and silly except when things got serious. Then his entire mood would change from being fun to "no more mister nice guy" and his dark side would show. The writing and storyline of the tenth doctor's series was also incredible. Finally I just loved the feel of the show and I was never able to wait for the next episode.
 So there you have it, hopefully this sparked your interest and you will check it out. If you still are not sure about the show or have any questions then check out the Wikipedia page or the Doctor Who wiki page (where I went for my show research).

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Thanks for the recommendation, we watched Planet of the Dead and are hooked! I hope the library gets more of the David Tennant series.

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