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rav.png As I bound off the very last stitches; I held the immaculate scarf in front of me with awe.  I had made it entirely by hand.  This is a scene from when I learned how to knit at 16 years old, almost two years ago.  It was honestly one of the smartest moves I've made in my entire life.  It was tough in the beginning, and my first project turned out to be an abominable object of an undefined shape full of holes.  However, I kept trying and soon got much better. 

I discovered the myriad of things I could make by knitting; socks, scarves/cowls, sweaters, lace, cables, handbags.  I later found that I could obtain hundreds - even thousands - of patterns, for FREE on the internet.  And all of these are located in two convenient places - and .  Knitting Pattern Directory is an entirely free resource that anyone surfing the web can access.  It provides you with links to free patterns that are available all over the web - all neatly organized in one place!  Ravelry is a fantastic resource that provides knitters and crocheters with an online database of free and paid patterns.  People who create an account with Ravelry (for FREE, mind you) can access this resource, along with the ability to network socially with yarn-crafters around the world.  If you don't knit, I implore you to check out these sites so you can see what you can create with this simple skill!


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