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Presidential Facts

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lincoln2.pngWhich President had a rubber jawbone? Hint: he was elected President twice.  Find the answer here.  Explore the Hall of Presidents, see JFK's birthplace, discover objects owned by each President  and lots more at this list of Free Resources archived and shared by the U. S. Department of Education.  One more Presidential Fact:  this website FREE (Free Resources for Education Excellence) was created as a response to a memo from President Bill Clinton with the goal of improving access to educational materials for all Americans.

Teen Spotlight @yourlibrary

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atyourlibrary.pngDiscover something new about what your library can do for you at Teen Spotlight.

Find out how library resources can help you get a part time job, choose the right college, find your next book (of course!) and more.

This page designed for teens is part of atyourlibrary.org, a website created by the American Library Association to promote information and resources that can be found at any library across the country.   Articles written by experts cover topics that are fun, creative and educational and help you make the most of what libraries have to offer.

Greenwich Library Teens


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