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It's cold outside...

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coffeebreak.pngSpend your vacation time kicking back with a good book.  Kirkus Best YA Books of 2009 and VOYA's  Adult Mysteries with Young Adult Appeal 2009  have great picks.   VOYA, or Voices of Youth Advocates, is a publication committed to providing targeted library services to young adults ages 12-18.  Kirkus Reviews has been in the business of publishing book reviews for over 75 years.  You're sure to find a book you'll enjoy.  Always remember to check our Read This page for more recommended reading and awards lists.

December 1 is World AIDS Day

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aidsribbon.pngIn December 1988 the World Health Organization declared December 1 World AIDS Day. It is a day to support the 33 million people around the world currently living with HIV/AIDS. It is a day to educate yourself about HIV and AIDS so we can respect one another and learn how to protect ourselves. Sadly, it is a day to remember those who have died from the disease; over 25 million people around the world have died since 1981. To learn more about HIV and AIDS check out these sites:; The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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