Greenwich Library & its Cos Cob and Byram branches will close at 5:00 pm today and will remain closed in observance of the Labor Day holiday weekend.  We will be closed all day from Saturday August 30th to Monday September 1st and reopen at 9:00 am on Tuesday September 2nd.

Be sure to check our Homework Helpers page (click here to access it) if you need assistance with any assignments during the weekend.

And speaking of Labor Day, here's some background about the holiday.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Want to volunteer at Greenwich Library after school and get some Community Service credit?  You can either sign up here to provide tech support to our patrons OR join our Student Leadership Council and set up programs and services you think the library should offer.  (Click here for info on the Student Leaders, whose next meeting will be on September 4th.)

Be aware that you must be high school students currently in grades 9 - 12 who live in or attend schools in Greenwich, Connecticut.  And if you're going to work tech support, you must attend an orientation before you begin volunteering. (Orientations are held every Saturday at 1pm and meet at the Welcome Desk. )

Check out our online Volunteer Page here for more info.

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WHOINLONDON.png(Above image is from our Twitter page. Click on it to see it more clearly.)  

Judging by the number of likes we get on our Teen Facebook page when we run something on a certain Time Lord, we find that there are a LOT of Doctor Who fans out there!  So you probably know that the new (12th or 13th?*) Doctor, Peter Capaldi, makes his debut on BBCAmerica tomorrow night (Saturday August 23rd) at 8:00 pm est.  Here's a preview.

Let us know what you think of the first new episode through our comments section or via our Facebook and Twitter pages..  Would you like us to have some more Doctor Who related programs here at the library?  And if you want us to get more episodes on DVD in our collection, click here

*Don't forget John Hurt's "War Doctor".

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And the grand-prize goes to...

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Gillian Koch was the lucky winner of our summer reading grand prize, a GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition camera. Congratulations Gillian!

What an exciting summer it has been!  65 students participated in our teen summer reading program "Spark a Reaction"  logging almost 126,000 pages and submitting 34 reviews!

Congratulations to everyone who earned prizes and thank you all for your participation!


This year's Teen Summer Reading program concludes Tuesday night August 12th.  We'll be showing the 2014 film version of "Divergent", based on the series by writer Veronica Roth, that evening in the second floor meeting room beginning at 5:00 PM. 

We'll also have food, refreshments, giveaways, AND we'll announce the lucky winner of our Grand Prize!

More details here

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StudentLeadersLogo.pngOur volunteer advisory group, the Student Leadership Council (AKA Student Leaders),consisting of students from grades 7-12, will get together at Teen Central on the second floor  Thursday night, August 7th,  beginning at 7:00 pm. They'll discuss using library resources to initiate, develop & realize projects relevant to their peer group in exchange for community service hours. For more details, click here.  

Students Leadership Council members assist the library to provide essential programs to their particular age group as well as contributing to the library community. So come prepared!

Snacks & refreshments will be served.  Email us here, or call Ed and/or Everett at (203) 622-7918 or 625-6507 for more info. Hope to see you there!

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Batman In My Lifetime

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Here's another entry by Student Leader member Jonathan, who shares his take on the 75th anniversary of Batman:

I was born in 1997, the year that Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin was released. Ah yes, it was the heyday of Batman mediocrity. I suppose I was lucky that my first memory of Batman is Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

At 8 years old, I was amazed by Bruce Wayne and the Caped Crusader, his dark persona. I continued on to watch the rest of Nolan's trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises cemented my eternal interest in the character Batman and his universe. I have now watched every Batman movie (yes, even the bad ones), watched episodes of the TV show with Adam West (the one my Mom adores), played the Arkham videogame series, and read a good deal of recent Batman comics and graphic novels.

I know that you might think, You don't know the real Batman if you haven't read Bob Kane's Batman comics. Perhaps that's true to the certain extent. I don't know the Batman of past generations as well as the one I have grown up with.

That's the beautiful aspect of Batman. He's an immortal character that has grabbed the interest of people for 75 years now.

Thanks Jonathan!

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75YearsBatman.pngOn Saturday July 26th, Greenwich Library and other libraries across the country will be celebrating 75 years of Batman!  Batman Day (click here for more details) will be held in the library's second floor meeting room beginning at 1:00 pm.  The program will be part of our 2014 Teen Summer Reading series.

We'll be showing video games, classic television episodes and films, and (while quantities last) give away some free comics, posters and masks.  For Batfans of all ages!

Hard to believe  but it's been seventy-five years since Bruce Wayne had his first published adventure as the Batman in "The Case of The Chemical Syndicate" back in Detective Comics #27, cover dated May, 1939.

That six page story by writer/co-creator Bill Finger and artist/co-creator Bob Kane began the character's long running existence which has manifested over the decades in comics, movie serials, films, television, newspaper comic strips and video games, among other media.  And don't forget all  the characters who were subsequently introduced in the comics that have become popular as well:  Robin, the Joker,  Catwoman, the Penguin, Batgirl, Batwoman, the Riddler, Bane, Nightwing, Red Robin, Batwing, Ace the Bat Hound (yes!), and even the goofy Bat-Mite.

2012's The Dark Knight Rises was one of the biggest box office hits at the movie theatres.  And Warners has announced they'll be releasing the Batman v Superman film (with Ben Affleck as Batman!) in 2016.  So the Caped Crusader will be around for a long time! 

For more info, contact Ed Morrissey at (203) 622-7918 or Everett Perdue at (203) 625-6507. 

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MattMakerBot#2.pngThanks to everybody who came to Saturday's MakerBot program. Thirty six people attended! Special thanks to Student Leader member Olivia, who got the whole thing in motion.

MakerBot presenters Jon (below) and Matt (above) gave an excellent presentation. They showed how you can build all kinds of devices with their 3-D  printers.  And they indicated they'd return to do another program.


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MAKERBOT BLOG.pngIn keeping with our "Spark A Reaction" summer reading theme, Jon Lavallee, manager of the MakerBot store on Greenwich Avenue, will demonstrate their company's 3D printer, share some stories and answer questions on Saturday, July 19th beginning at 2:00 pm in the second floor meeting room. This program is presented by our own Student Leadership Council group, which you can find out more about by clicking here

For more information about the MakerBot event, contact Ed Morrissey at (203) 622-7918.

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