The Death of Santini: The Story of a Father and His Son

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Click for availability and more information The Death of Santini : The Story of a Father and His Son, by Pat Conroy
Pat Conroy has attracted a huge legion of fans for his books over the years with The Great Santini being one of his more popular titles. The Death of Santini could be considered a sequel of sorts to The Great Santini as he writes, obviously from the title, about the death of his father, Donald Patrick Conroy. The majority of the book though is Conroy relating the story of his relationship with his father throughout his life. Donald Conroy was a troubled and difficult man beset by alcoholism, a tendency for outbursts of violent verbal and physical incidents towards his wife and children, and a rigid personality formed by his career as a Marine Corps fighter pilot. Pat Conroy somehow maintained a father/son rapport with this difficult man over the years and his story is at times sad, frustrating, humorous but very engaging. Conroy himself reads the introduction which is a hair-raising summary of life as a son with his father. Dick Hill reads the rest of the book and is terrific. While appealing particularly to Conroy fans, this book is also an absorbing account of a son dealing with a troublesome father as well as a writer detailing his emergence as a best-selling author.

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