The Burning Shore

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Click for availability and more information The Burning Shore, by Ed Offly
I was shocked and a little disturbed by the e-Book The Burning Shore by Ed Offly. This book describes the "cat and mouse" game between United States Naval forces and the German U-boats, which lurked just off our eastern shores during World War II. The submarines were able to infiltrate our coastal waters, and sink many merchant marine and US Navy vessels carrying critical supplies to our forces in Europe. If this stream of supplies was shut off, we could have lost the war.

Our naval forces had been severely taxed by the loss of the Seventh Fleet at Pearl Harbor. There weren't enough boats to defend convoys in the European and Pacific theaters. Enter the infant US Army Air Corps. Despite a lack of aircraft and pilots, these brave aviators were able to fight back and reduce the loss of American vessels in the western Atlantic. This also gave the country time to increase its production of battleships, destroyers and aircraft carriers to fight the Germans.

This is a great book for anyone interested in military history. It provides firsthand accounts of officers involved in military engagements. It will certainly give you a different view of the war.

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