The English Girl

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Yet another home run for Daniel Silva! The English Girl continues the adventures of Gabriel Allon, a fine arts restorer who also doubles as an cut-throat agent for the Israeli government, with his being asked by a long-time pal in the British secret service to help them find a young English girl who has been kidnapped. She is of particular interest to the British government since the British prime minister and this young lady were having an affair. Silva, as usual, keeps the plot racing as Allon searches not only to rescue the kidnapped girl but to discover why she was taken. Allon find out that there is far more involved in the kidnapping event than first assumed. As usual, Silva's writing is terrific with a finely constructed plot with the always intriguing character of Gabriel Allon at the center. For those who have read the other books in the Gabriel Allon series and have become big fans of Allon, the ending (actually the last sentence of the book) will add to the anticipation of Silva's next book featuring Allon. The English Girl is highly recommended.

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