The Day Kennedy Was Shot

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Click for availability and more information The Day Kennedy Was Shot, by Jim Bishop
The downloadable book The Day Kennedy Was Shot by Jim Bishop is a unique book. It chronicles all the events in Dallas and Washington on the day the 35th President was assassinated. Bishop did a great job describing all the key players, and retracing Lee Harvey Oswald's moves on that fateful day. I believe he captured the mood of the nation, which was traumatized by the violent event. The evidence is laid out against Oswald. Bishop also examines Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald before Oswald could be tried for the murder. He describes Oswald's strained relationship with his mother and Russian wife. Interactions and conflicts between the Dallas Police, Secret Service and FBI are described. Bishop details how the Kennedy family distrusted Lyndon Johnson, and wanted to maintain control of all funeral arrangements. Kennedy administration members were asked to stay on to make a smooth transition. Some agreed, some didn't.

This is a long book, but there's a lot of interesting information, which will appeal to conspiracy theorists and historians alike. Bishop intertwines events in both cities skillfully. Sometimes it's tricky to try and skip from one situation to another, but if you stick with it, you'll be rewarded. I think this is one of the better books on the Kennedy assassination.

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