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Exporting Raymond is one of those obscure, yet very funny, titles in our DVD collection. It's a documentary which details Phil Rosenthal's trip to Russia to help develop a sitcom based on Everyone Loves Raymond. (Rosenthal was a creator of the sitcom.) Before he leaves on his trip, he's advised to get "k and r" insurance. This is a "kidnapping and ransom" payment! This is not very reassuring. When he arrives, he quickly discovers that he has serious artistic differences with the Russian production crew. They care more about imagery than they do about content. To make matters worse, he cannot get the actor he wants to play the lead, and the actor they do finally choose can't seem to act! He gets so frustrated at one point that he states he wishes he had been kidnapped! Eventually, his luck begins to change, and the project, somehow, takes off. A very funny subplot is the interaction with his family, which seems to be very much like the Romano family. If you like subtle comedy, much like the Larry David kind, you'll really enjoy this obscure gem.

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