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The film Looper has a very interesting and suspenseful plot. Loopers are assassins hired by the mob to kill problem people sent back from the future (2074). Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays such a hired gun. He is paid with silver bars that are strapped to the target's body. One day, a target escapes, and he finds out it's his future self (Bruce Willis). The mob wants him to kill himself to "close the loop". The plot gets complicated when his future self seeks to stop the person who has ordered the loop closed so he can reunite with his deceased wife. Levitt tries to protect the person (who is a child) from Willis, who is trying to kill him. Jeff Daniels plays a mob boss who returns from the future. The special effects are excellent, and the acting is superb. I give this movie 4-and-a-half stars out of 5.

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