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When I was browsing the DVD shelves on the second floor one day, I picked up the DVD Lawless because I saw Shia Labeouf's name on it. (I've enjoyed his acting ever since I saw him in The Greatest Game Ever Played.) The cover itself didn't really jump out at me; but as I've always known, "you can't judge a book (or DVD) by its cover". It's based on the true life of the 3 Bondurant brothers, who ran moonshine during the Prohibition period in the hills of Virginia. They sell to the speakeasies in major cities.

Business is doing fine, until some gangsters hit town. These unscrupulous thugs are trying to force the bootleggers to sell through them, but the Bondurants resist. Many locals and police authorities decide to go along with the gangsters since they see no other choice. The Bondurants resist. Add a mysterious, attractive woman from Chicago, and the storyline becomes very exciting.

My only complaint is the profanity-laced dialogue. I don't believe it's necessary to use offensive language to make a hit, but it is what it is. Nonetheless, it's a very good movie - well worth the time you invest.

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