Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields

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Click for availability and more information Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields, by Wendy Lower
The history of the role some German women played in serving the Nazi government and its murderous objectives during World War II can be, as Wendy Lower shows in the above-titled book, very disturbing and gruesome reading. Lower, a professor of history at Claremont McKenna College and a consultant for the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, follows several German women from the war's beginning to the aftermath of the German defeat. Their--at times very enthusiastic--participation in the Nazi extermination of Jewish people often occurred as they worked their jobs serving the Nazi war machine.

In particular, the German drive eastward into Poland and the Ukraine during the first years of the war provided job opportunities for many German women. They took positions as nurses, teachers and administrative staff as the German Reich expanded tight control over these areas. As Lower shows, many women took these jobs for financial reasons as well as a great opportunity to travel and see the areas that Germany had newly conquered. And, many of these women ended up taking active roles in the German extermination of Jews. Lower also points out that wives of German officers often accompanied their husbands as they served the German Reich in the East and they too could become active in carrying out German atrocities. Lower's notes are extensive as she cites scholarly works, trial testimony, diaries and interviews to detail this historical chapter.

Hitler's Furies is a fascinating study of a facet of the German society during World War II. Possible answers are given as to why and how these women became swept up in supporting the German war effort in such a deadly way. This book is highly recommended and especially for World War II enthusiasts.

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