An Invisible Thread

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Click for availability and more information An Invisible Thread, by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski
This is a true story that takes place in Manhattan. As the story opens up, a young boy is on the street begging passersby for spare change because he is hungry. Laura passes him by as he is asking her for change. She hears him begging but doesn't really hear him. His voice mixes in with the sounds of traffic and other city noises that New Yorkers learn to tune out. Yet for some unknown reason she then stops about several yards down the street and then turns back to look at him. She is now looking at him, really looking at him for the first time and sees a poorly, slovenly dressed child, a tiny fellow with sticks for arms and legs with dirty fingernails but his eyes are bright and there is something about him that draws her back to him. She sees his sweetness. He tells Laura he is hungry but instead of giving him money she takes him to McDonald's and they proceed to have their first meal together. Many such other meals will occur in the ensuing months and years to come.

An Invisible Thread draws you in and then you climb aboard for the ride. This book is beautifully and simply written. The story shows its readers that there exists an invisible thread that connects one human being to another and these connections can activate at any given time throughout our lives. You will enjoy this quick read about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity and tragedy. Commitment, friendship, integrity, trust, protection, fortitude and much more can be found within An Invisible Thread.
-Maria C.

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