The Gold Coast

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Click for availability and more information The Gold Coast, by Nelson DeMille
For dedicated readers, it is always a pleasure to finally have time to discover an author whose works have not yet been read. Such is the case for this reviewer with Nelson DeMille, an extremely popular writer of fiction, and one of his earlier books The Gold Coast. The title refers to a northeastern enclave of Long Island noted for its collection of extremely wealthy residents and their large, architecturally impressive estates.

DeMille centers his story of John Sutter, who is an attorney catering to the financial and estate planning needs of his rich clientele. His wife Susan and their two children enjoy a life filled with many luxuries. However, the Sutter's world is turned upside down when Frank Bellarosa, a reputed Mafia boss, settles into the estate next door to theirs. DeMille's masterly crafted tale shows John Sutter attempting to deal with personal life crises while being unwittingly pulled into Bellarosa's world of corruption and crime. Sutter is a great and fun character - sarcastic, witty, smart and seemingly bent of self destruction at times. Frank Bellarosa is magnetic as he draws the Sutters under his control.

The Gold Coast is a wonderfully enjoyable read with great characters, a constantly unfolding plot of intrigues with Bellarosa and the Sutters, and terrific writing that gives the reader both a great story and insight into the charmed, though tragic at times, world of the Gold Coast residents.

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