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Cosmopolis is not your usual movie. It depicts a world where information is the most important commodity. The lead character, Eric Packer, is a rich genius, who can process information in nanoseconds - incredibly interpreting what will happen next. His character is very rigid, lacking emotion. It seems as though he's become bored with processing data, and yearns for something to shake up his life. He hedges his bets against Chinese currency, putting his company's entire fortune at risk. Eric marries into a book-publishing family, and it seems to be a marriage of convenience. His new bride spurns his sexual advances. Despite warnings from his bodyguard (the city is under siege by G8-type protesters and Eric has become the target of an unknown assassin) , he sets out in a limo to "get a haircut". He starts looking for raw sex, danger and adventure. His trip to the barber seems to be an attempt to connect with his past. As a backdrop, society seems to be splitting into 2 groups - the wealthy, who control information, and the poor, who don't control technology. At times he seems to be looking for answers to philosophical questions, which he can't totally comprehend. I think this intrigues him.

It takes a while to get into this movie, but if you stick with it, I think you'll find it interesting.. The acting and special effects are superb, and the plot is very entertaining. It makes you wonder if this is a window into our future!

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