The Fallen Angel

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Daniel Silva has become synonymous with terrifically entertaining reading experiences and his 2012 book, The Fallen Angel, adds to this reputation. As The Fallen Angel begins, Silva's great fictional character Gabriel Allon is happily restoring one of the Vatican's great Caravaggio masterpieces. However, when a woman's bloody body is discovered on the floor of St. Peter's Basilica, Gabriel is asked by a high Vatican official to investigate this very curious incident. Thus Allon, who has a most diverse double identity as a renowned art restorer as well as an agent for the Israeli government's Mossad force, becomes involved in yet another adventure. He discovers the connection of the dead woman to an international art theft operation that is also related to Middle Eastern terrorist organizations. Silva's story remains very interesting as Allon discovers plots that, if successful, would threaten world stability. Much of the action occurs in Jerusalem and, as usual, the readers of Silva's books can get terrific insight into the complex world of Middle Eastern politics. The Fallen Angel is a great read and should make the reader want to explore Silva's other works, especially those featuring Gabriel Allon.

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