World War Z

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Click for availability and more information World War Z, by Max Brooks
World War Z is the telling of a fictional zombie war that occurs inexplicably. The Downloadable audio book is the best adaptation of this novel. The characters come to life in each chapter. Max Brooks' story-telling is different and refreshing. He uses an interview form of narrating the character's individual accounts of what happened in the apocalyptic zombie war. The characters are vibrant and intriguing. They are from different walks of life and their personalities really hit home when you hear their experiences and survival methods. As the reader and audience we are being educated a decade after the war. This novel is essential for apocalyptic/zombie aficionados. Currently the film adaption is out in theatres; however, the film and the novel are completely diverse. The film is appreciated as it provides closure and a sense of 'the day is saved' by the hero who is the main character, something the novel lacks but does not intend to accomplish within the scheme of the collective oral history of the characters involved.

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