The Last Telegram

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Click for availability and more information The Last Telegram, by Liz Trenow
This debut novel should especially interest fans of historical fiction. Setting her story in England's silk production industry during the years before, during and after World War II, Liz Trenow's The Last Telegram is an interesting and very readable book. Lily Verner, the main character, becomes an apprentice in her family's silk weaving business in the prewar years and goes on to remain its driving figure for the balance of the twentieth century. Silk becomes the very-much needed material to make the parachutes for the soldiers who will fight against Nazi Germany. This is probably a little-known aspect of the war years for most readers and is a great background for Trenow's story. Immediately prior to the war, Lily's family gives shelter to young German Jewish males who are port of the Kindertransport, which tried to safely get German youth away from the evils of Nazism. Lily and her family endure much hardship in the war as well as personal traumas. Trenow has created very believable characters and a good story. Readers should look forward to her future books. The Last Telegram would make a great selection for book clubs!

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