Dinner with Churchill

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Click for availability and more information Dinner with Churchill, by Cita Stelzer
Volumes of books have certainly been written about the great British leader Winston Churchill over the years. However, Dinner with Churchill by Cita Stelzer is wonderfully unique in that it explores Churchill's fantastic ability to use the dining table as the setting to frequently entertain and charm a very distinguished array of world leaders by hosting meals he designed. The goal of these gatherings was often to achieve political gains for Churchill and the British during World War II. For example, Churchill's dinners with Franklin Roosevelt were a perfect setting for him to cajole Roosevelt into adopting his viewpoints on how the war should be fought. Listening to this book on cd is not only a great history lesson, but a delightful insight into Churchill's mastery of dining diplomacy.

The bonus is the reader Davina Porter. Her mastery of dialects and accents adds wonderful descriptions to all the culinary dishes served at these meals. This is a relatively short book on cd at 5½ hours and makes for very interesting and extremely enjoyable listening.

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