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If you think you know all there is to know about Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. Then you'd better read Philip Norman's book titled Mick Jagger.

The Rolling Stones have always been considered the "Bad Boys" of rock, while the Beatles have been considered the "Good Boys". Truth be told, their bad boy image was a creation of an early manager to boost interest (and sales of records). This is not to imply that they weren't into "sex, drugs and rock and roll". Like many rock and rollers, they started out as normal boys, only to be changed by their celebrity.

Jagger grew up in a middle-class British family. Mick attended a prestigious school and studied finance. This would prove to be quite valuable in the future as he had to take over management of the band's finances from an unscrupulous manager. He was very respectful of his parents, and believed strongly in physical fitness. Surprisingly, at first he was very attentive and thoughtful of his girlfriends. He had normal romances with many women including Marianne Faithfull, Bianca Perez-Mora Macias (Jagger), Marsha Hunt and Jerry Hall. He fathered nine offspring with these women. Incredibly, they all get along well together! He was also extremely loyal to his band mates, even to the point of taking the fall for others during much-publicized drug busts. Jagger was not as deeply into drugs as other band members.

As the band became more famous, Jagger seemed to change. Besides romancing Marianne Faithfull, he started to have sexual liaisons with "groupies" of all ages. I suspect part of it may have been a way of fulfilling his bad boy image. Norman calls Jagger the "perpetual teenager", who continued to bed women of all ages into his forties and fifties. He also became a miser, who directed most of the band's proceeds to himself, and refused to pay alimony, despite promising to support his exes and children. Jagger and his band mates moved around to various countries for a good part of the year to avoid paying taxes to the British government.

Norman didn't go into a great detail about the untimely death of band member Brian Jones. Jones' death was ruled an accident. The author hints at a cover up, but provides no details.

The Rolling Stones are still considered the greatest rock and roll band of all time. They seem to be timeless. Jagger and company still go on tour. The Stones have overcome petty in-fighting, and seem to be able to keep it together to delight new generations of rock and rollers.

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