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I usually write about books (or e-books) for Staff Picks. This time I decided to review the 2012 movie (DVD) War Horse. This British movie contains spectacular scenery and special effects. It's the story of a horse born and raised on a farm in Ireland. When World War I breaks out, the horse is sold to the British Army to raise money to save the farm. The young boy who raised him promises they will eventually be reunited. A very touching scene involves "Joey", as the horse is named, befriending another military horse. Joey serves with distinction in the British and German Armies, and is taken care of by a French grandfather and his young granddaughter. The most powerful scene for me showed hundreds of horses killed in battle. I'd never thought of this type of casualty before seeing this movie. Horses, like soldiers, also suffered. Joey, The War Horse, was very brave, indeed, and affected everybody he met.

I recommend this movie highly. The story line is dramatic and well - written, and the acting is superb. It will change your perception of World War I.

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