Proof of Heaven

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Anyone who doesn't believe in NDEs (Near Death Experiences) should read "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, MD. Dr. Alexander is a highly skilled neurosurgeon with years of experience. As a scientist, he was always skeptical about NDEs reported by his patients. He didn't believe in God or the spiritual world. Physiology could explain all these "hallucinations". Chemical reactions in the brain were the likely cause.

In 2008, Dr. Alexander contracted a very serious, and usually fatal, strain of meningitis, which shut down part of his brain and thrust him into a coma. In a deep level of consciousness, he traveled through the Underworld, which he nicknamed "The Realm of the Earthworm's-Eye View" because it was dark, murky and blood vessel-like. Then he flew up to a "Gateway" - a light at the end of a tunnel. Finally, he entered "The Core", which appears to be what we call Heaven.

Dr. Alexander was accompanied by an Angel, and they flew on the wings of a butterfly! He communicated telepathically, and received immediate answers to his questions. Alexander had knowledge of everything! He learned that we are loved unconditionally, and that death is just a transition to the spiritual world - nothing to be feared.

Miraculously, Dr. Alexander awoke from his coma. He decided to share his experience by writing this book. The most interesting part is his analysis of NDEs from a scientific perspective. No wonder it was number one on the New York Times bestseller list. This book is a fascinating read - well worth your time!

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