Francona: The Red Sox Years

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Click for availability and more information Francona: The Red Sox Years, by Terry Francona and Dan Shaughnessy
As a long-time (suffering) Red Sox fan, I was shocked by the historic collapse of the team at the end of the 2011 season. After the All-Star break, they seemed to be steamrolling their way to The World Series; but they didn't even make the playoffs - even with a sizable lead at the start of September. I'd heard that ex-Manager Terry Francona was writing a book with Boston sportswriter Dan Shaughnessy, so I put a Hold (reserved) on the book online when I saw it in our catalog.

Francona: The Red Sox Years starts by explaining how Terry grew up around ballparks since his father was a struggling player in the minors. He attended Arizona State, where he played baseball, then played on several major league teams. A knee injury ended his career. He was able to work his way up the management chain until he landed a job in Boston. Francona managed the team for 8-years, during which time the team won two World Series. He would be the first to tell you they should have won a third; but a combination of factors derailed that trip!

Francona states that the ownership (John Henry, Tom Werner) and CEO Larry Lucchino were more focused on marketing the team than building for the future. A rift developed between the pitchers and other players, and the "team spirit" suffered. A trust issue developed between the Manager and management. This situation was further aggravated when Francona's personal information was leaked to the Boston press. He left Boston feeling unappreciated and angry.

I thought this book might be one-sided and vengeful; but I believe Francona was fair and honest in his assessment of the situation. This book should be read by anyone interested in baseball - regardless of affiliation.

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