Not Quite What I Was Planning

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Click for availability and more information Not Quite What I Was Planning, edited by Rachel Fershleiser and Larry Smith
If you'd like to read something really different, then I suggest you take a look at Not Quite What I Was Planning. Famous and obscure writers were challenged to write a six-word memoir by Smith Magazine. Amateur and professional writers combined their work. As I began reading this book, I discovered some of the memoirs were self-explanatory, some required a bit of work to understand, and some were just plain weird! You could classify some of them as autobiographical, escapism or fantasy. Some address social issues. Many express human emotions: love, frustration, hope, disappointment. Be warned: you may find some to be risqué, explicit or profane. This is one way the writer communicates her / his emotions. The thing I like about this book the most is that it makes you think and use your imagination. I'm sure there will be subsequent books published on six-word memoirs. You should get in on the "ground floor"!

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