Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond

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Click for availability and more information Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond, by Hans Holzer
Like just about everyone, I've been fascinated by stories of ghost sightings since I was a young child. When I saw the downloadable e-book titled Ghosts: True Encounters with the World Beyond, I knew I had to download it to my iPad! The author, Hans Holzer, is a world famous paranormal expert. He has studied paranormal incidents for over 30 years. Holzer can tell the difference between a manufactured story and the real deal. He begins by discussing some pretty incredible near death experiences to prove the existence of a spirit world. Then he proceeds to cite over 200 cases, which support the concept of ghost sightings. According to Holzer, ghosts are the result of dead people being stuck between the living and spiritual world, who have unfinished business. They can only pass on to that spirit world with the help of living people, who help them resolve their problems. He claims to have made contact with such famous people as Aaron Burr and John Wilkes Booth in séances through mediums. There is also audio and photographic evidence! I was a little skeptical at first, but now consider myself a true believer! This e-book is well-worth your time.

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