Football for Dummies

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Click for availability and more information Football for Dummies, by Howie Long with John Czarnecki
I thought I knew everything there is to know about football; but when I started reading Football for Dummies I realized there's a lot that I don't know! The basics of the game are presented. Offensive and defensive formations are discussed in detail. It breaks down the running and passing games. It covers many of the rules and penalties. The Super Bowl and BCS playoff systems are explained. There's a very useful appendix covering football terminology. The Parts of Ten Lists - which are a standard feature of all "Dummies" books - cover the greatest offensive players, greatest coaches, best teams, and greatest College rivalries. This book by ex-NFL player and Fox commentator Howie Long and sports analyst John Czarnecki is well-written, very entertaining and informative. Whether you know the game inside out or not, you can learn a lot that will help you enjoy the sport even more!

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