Unbroken: A World War II Airman's Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

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Click for availability and more information Unbroken: A World War II Airman's Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hillenbrand
For a harrowing, true-life story of human experience in the Pacific theater of World War II, few books can top the unbelievably grueling account of Louis Zamperini in Unbroken: A World War II Airman's Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand. Her thorough and very well-documented research into Zamperini's life has resulted in a compellingly readable book. After a chaotic childhood, Zamperini gained fame as a world-class runner and even competed in the Berlin Olympics of 1936. After the war began, he ended up in Hawaii serving in the Army Air Corps. His misfortune in his war experience began when the aircraft on which he was serving crashed in the Pacific Ocean. He and two other members of his crew miraculously survived - only to end up floating on a raft for 47 days. Their conditions while on their raft were extreme as they fought off shark attacks, barely had any food at all to eat, and had endless struggles in finding even small amounts of water to drink. Eventually, one airman died and then the Japanese captured them. Then, their odyssey through the Japanese prison camps began. That is a tale filled with horrid conditions, true torture at times gleefully administered by their Japanese captors and other depravities. Once the atom bombs were dropped, Zamperini and his fellow prisoners of war eventually were released.
His return to civilian life was marked by numerous troubles with alcoholism and marriage difficulties. However, Zamperini eventually pulled his life together and served as a great inspiration to many. Louis Zamperini's life is remarkable and Laura Hillenbrand has written a terrific book about a man who survived many terrifically difficult years of service during World War II. Unbroken is highly recommended.

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