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Click for availability and more information Last Flight, by Amelia Earhart; arranged by George Palmer Putnam; foreword by Walter J. Boyne
Like everyone else, I've always been curious about the disappearance of Amelia Earhart on her 'round the world flight. Rumors abound about her being shot down by the Japanese, being captured by cannibals, etc. So I decided to download Last Flight to my iPad. It was put together using dispatches, letters, diary entries and charts used along the way. Amelia represented the new, independent woman long before women's liberation hit the scene. She was a record setter, being the first to fly from Hawaii to California, California to Mexico and twice across the Atlantic (1928 and 1932 - once as a passenger and once as pilot). Descriptions of the tight quarters, scenery and different cultures are very entertaining. She really had a positive and unique way of looking at things. And she knew how to enjoy life. Her flights were not only courageous, but they also demonstrated how convenient air travel could be. There is no doubt she was an important pioneer in aviation history. Sometimes I think the mystery is better left unsolved.

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