Heaven is for Real

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Click for availability and more information Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo
Several years ago, I turned on the television and happened to catch an interview on Good Morning, America with a couple who claimed their son visited heaven during a critical medical emergency. Recently, I spotted a book on the story titled Heaven is for Real. It's the story of the Burpo family from Nebraska. The father, Todd, is a part-time pastor at a church, and has 3 children. His middle son, Colton, suffered a ruptured appendix and almost died in the hospital. Several months after his recovery, Colton began telling his parents about who he had seen in Heaven and what Heaven was like. He also talked about meeting his great-grandfather, as well as a sister who had died in childbirth. Colton also told his parents some other details which amazed them. Although religion is a big part of this book, it's still an interesting story from a scientific point of view. I was so intrigued by it, that I read it in two days! In a way, I felt uplifted and energized by it. You will, too!

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