Man Overboard: Inside The Honeymoon Cruise Murder

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Click for availability and more information Man Overboard: Inside The Honeymoon Cruise Murder, by Joan Lownds
In the early 1990s, as supervisor at the Cos Cob Post Office, I met George Smith III and his son, George IV. They ran a local store, and were very friendly people. In 2005, I was shocked to find out George IV had gone missing from a Mediterranean cruise during his honeymoon. Recently, I received a reference copy of Man Overboard: Inside The Honeymoon Cruise Murder. I just had to read it to find out what happened to him.

George IV married Jennifer Hagel, and they were celebrating on the cruise when he disappeared. Several other passengers reported hearing loud noises and sounds coming from the couple's cabin. George and Jennifer had befriended some dark characters, who were the last known people to see George alive. The cruise ship personnel cleaned up the crime scene before any investigation could be conducted. This angered relatives, who started an investigation which revealed startling information: such occurrences on cruise ships were more prevalent than one would think. It also revealed a deliberate cover-up by company officials.

The Smith's took on "the system" and have worked to get legislation to make the cruise lines more accountable. They joined forces with families of victims, and went to Washington. This book took little time to read. It answered some questions, but not all. It also raised other questions. Once you read this book, you'll never think about cruises the same way.

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