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Click for availability and more information Arguably Essays, by Christopher Hitchens
As a regular reader of Vanity Fair magazine, I was thrilled when writer and contributing editor Christopher Hitchens (Vanity Fair, Slate, and The Atlantic) came out with a book of some of his controversial and thought-provoking essays. Topics range from history, culture and politics; from yesterday as well as today. Notable figures such as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Abraham Lincoln are presented in almost a surreal way, far from the historical references we all learned about in school. Don't assume that this book is just loathsome rantings from a somewhat bitter man that is in the last stages of his life. There are also observations about things that happen in everyday life, to humorous essays such as "Why Women Aren't Funny". The book is a large one, with 749 pages, but will hold your interest throughout, as the reader will crave what the next essay holds.
-Debbie O.

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