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Click for availability and more information The Investment Answer, by Daniel C. Goldie and Gordon S. Murray
While The Investment Answer might be a short (77 pages) book, it can give the reader wide-spread and in-depth knowledge about the often confusing world of investing. As the authors write in the first pages, "our goal is to express [investment] concepts in a way any investor can understand". And, this book does this extremely well. Goldie and Murray begin with a suggested approach on how to think about one's money and then move on to selecting financial advisers, where to house one's money, explaining financial risk, and other investment-related subjects. The often misunderstood world of hedge funds is described quite clearly. Throughout this book, Goldie and Murray write in a concise and extremely understandable style. With The Investment Answer, the authors have given readers of all ages a terrific resource for educating themselves in finance and investing.

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