The Glass Maker's Daughter

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Click for availability and more information The Glass Maker's Daughter, by V. (Vance) Briceland
This charming fantasy takes place in the medieval city of Cassaforte where 7 noble families are each involved in their own special craft. All children of the seven noble families are tested every six years to determine which school they will attend to learn the enchantments that are needed to help their families with their crafts. Risa Devetri, who is 16 and the youngest daughter of one of the noble families, thinks that the gods have abandoned her when she is the only one not chosen to attend a school for the nobility.

When the king disappears and the prince stages a coup and imprisons the heads of the noble families and their heirs, Risa remains at the family caza (home) under guard of young Milo and his sister, who become her close allies and friends. When Risa is able to perform the nightly loyalty rite to the king, she realizes that the gods must have another plan for her. She is now the head of the family with special responsibilities and powers. With Milo's help they rescue a beggar, deal with a treacherous uncle, and are involved with other dangerous attempts to save Risa's family. The plot is full of suspense, has an intriguing cast of characters and an ending that won't disappoint.

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