Goya's Ghosts

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Released in 2006, Goya's Ghosts may not have enjoyed wide-spread popularity, but it is an interesting and visually satisfying film. Directed by Milos Forman, who also co-wrote the script with Jean-Claude Carriere, Goya's Ghosts begins by following the Spanish painter Francisco Goya in late Eighteenth Century Spain during the Inquisition conducted by the Spanish Catholic Church. Famed for his portraits as well as his satirical paintings of aspects of Spanish society, a young daughter from a wealthy merchant family becomes the subject of one of Goya's paintings. She later is suspected of being Jewish by the church authorities, arrested, tortured and imprisoned. One priest in particular, Brother Lorenzo, played by Javier Bardem, becomes involved with the family of this girl and their efforts to seek her release. The characters are involved in the turbulent times of the Inquisition and the subsequent invasion of Spain by Napoleon's French troops and then the arrival of the British, who defeat and expel the French. Well-acted and beautifully filmed, Goya's Ghosts is a film to enjoy.

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