Hollywood: A Third Memoir

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Click for availability and more information Hollywood: A Third Memoir, by Larry McMurtry
I always knew that Larry McMurtry wrote western novels, but I didn't know he wrote screenplays for Hollywood! His book Hollywood: A Third Memoir- aptly titled - is the third and final installment of his memoir trilogy following Books: A Memoir and Literary Life: A Second Memoir. He was teaching world literature in a Texas college, when he was summoned to write a screenplay for one of his books. McMurtry never had any formal training, and books on screenwriting were just coming out. Yet, McMurtry kept getting called on to create treatments for his work. Eventually, The Last Picture Show, Hud and Brokeback Mountain were turned into successful movies. Even his Lonesome Dove series made it onto the television screen. One thing I learned was that a perfectly good script can be passed over if money can't be secured.

The most entertaining part of the book is his assessment of all the Hollywood types. As a novel writer, he was politely tolerated by the Producers and Directors. He met many big name actors such as Sybill Shepherd, Diane Keaton, George Clooney and others. The energy and the pace of life in Hollywood intoxicated him. By the end of the book - which spans many decades - he does not recognize his favorite town. Many of his friends have moved on or passed on. Change is inevitable.

This book is easy to read since the chapters are very short, a result of a stroke he had prior to writing this book. His sense of humor comes through as he is able to laugh at his own foibles. This book is entertaining and fun to read. It has a lot of insight into the business of Hollywood.

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