Venice: Pure City

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Click for availability and more information Venice: Pure City, by Peter Ackroyd
Few cities in the world can rival the unquestioned uniqueness, imagery, and complex artistic, religious or political history than the Italian jewel of Venice. Peter Ackyrod succeeds brilliantly in making the multi-faceted glories, intrigues and oddities of Venice come alive in Venice: Pure City. Venice began with initial settlements on islands in a wide lagoon off of the northeastern coast of Italy. There were approximately 117 separate islands, many of which were physically joined together through great planning and labor. The growth of Venice into a world maritime power as well as a celebrated center of the arts is totally fascinating.

For those who have seen the sublime joys of Venice first-hand, this book will ignite wonderful memories of its glories. Even if one has never visited the city, Venice: Pure City, is an immensely enjoyable book about this wondrous city that has captured imaginations for centuries. Whether Ackroyd writes about the once great mercantile strength of Venice, the blend of Eastern and Western art and architecture found in Venice, Venetian culture and its food, the celebrated writers who have called Venice home or other aspects of Venice, he never fails to maintain the reader's interest. This book is highly recommended.

Incidentally, for those who want to continue reading books that are filled with the a truly modern Venetian atmosphere, the mystery series written by Donna Leon is perfect. Her character Commissario Guido Brunetti travels around Venice while solving murders and other crimes. Leon's writing brings the Venetian setting, particularly aspects of Venetian cuisine, alive and thus readers enjoy well-constructed mysteries as well as more insight into this fascinating locale. The Greenwich Library has Leon's collection of books.

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