Innocent: A Kindle County Novel

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Click for availability and more information Innocent: A Kindle County Novel, by Scott Turow
For Scott Turow fans in particular, his newest book, Innocent: A Kindle County Novel, is not only the sequel to his wildly popular Presumed Innocent, but also another terrific story from this skillful writer. Rusty Sabich, the central character in Presumed Innocent, has been elected chief judge of Kindle County and is running for re-election. But, questionable death appears yet again in Rusty's life when his wife dies suddenly in bed. Mysteriously, Rusty remains in bed with her dead body for 24 hours before notifying authorities. At first, no action is taken. However, Tommy Molto, the district attorney involved in the previous book, begins to build a murder case against Rusty. The book takes off from there and the reader becomes totally engrossed. For those who have not read the previous book, more enjoyment might be found with Innocent if Presumed Innocent, which is also in the Greenwich Library's collection, is read first. Innocent is highly recommended. This reviewer hopes that Turow might have more plans for writing about Rusty's life in future books.

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