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Click for availability and more information Hyperion, by Dan Simmons
In the far-flung future when the Hegemony of Man has colonized hundreds of planets and Earth is only a distant and tragic memory, seven pilgrims set out for the outback world of Hyperion in search of the legendary Time Tombs. It is there that they hope (and dread) to find the Shrike, a mysterious creature with the power to deliver or destroy them all, and given the Shrike's predilection for bloody mayhem, their gamble seems a desperate one indeed.

Set against a backdrop of political intrigue and impending interstellar war, Hyperion is a story told from the point of view of each pilgrim and what has ultimately driven them to journey to the fateful planet. The pilgrims' tales themselves span a wide field of human experience, motivation and emotion, and their themes range just as broadly. Believable characters and an interesting scientific and political mileu make for a truly excellent read.

Hyperion is the award-winning first book of a four-part series, known collectively as The Hyperion Cantos. Hyperion, and the second book in the series, The Fall of Hyperion, are currently under development as a major motion picture.
(and thanks to Ed for the recommendation!)

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