Must You Go: My Life with Harold Pinter

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Click for availability and more information Must You Go: My Life with Harold Pinter, by Antonia Fraser
Antonia Fraser, known mainly for writing wonderfully detailed histories of British historical figures and events, has chronicled her life with the esteemed British playwright Harold Pinter with great poignancy, grace and romance in her newest book Must You Go: My Life with Harold Pinter. Fraser and Pinter had brief encounters in the London literary world before their fateful meeting at a dinner party in January, 1975. As Fraser was saying her farewells to Pinter, he turned to her and said "Must you go"? That was the beginning of their loving and dedicated personal relationship. Each was already married with children. But, their lives eventually came together and they had glorious times as a couple who were rarely separated. They appear to have complemented each other perfectly - two writers devoted to their craft. Fraser details their successes and their challenges as they wrote plays and books throughout their 33 year relationship. This is a marvelously charming book! Additionally, the Greenwich Library has much of Fraser's and Pinter's literary output to enjoy. Perhaps a good book to begin exploring Antonia Fraser's work is Mary, Queen of Scots, a terrifically interesting and majestic biography.

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