100 People Who Changed the World

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Click for availability and more information 100 People Who Changed the World, (managing editor, Robert Sullivan)
Anyone who wants a quick review of historical figures should read Life magazine's 100 People Who Changed the World. It provides interesting information on why these people (men and women) were prominent. Not only is it organized chronologically, but it's also organized by profession so the reader can see how each person in the field contributed to his predecessor. Yet, not every contribution had a positive effect on the world. Adolf Hitler is cited because his Holocaust nearly eliminated a whole race. Osama Bin Laden is also cited, and there can be no doubt his actions have effected the world. Fortunately, there were also people like Madame Curie, Alexander Graham Bell, Florence Nightingale and Dr. Benjamin Spock who tilted the scales toward the good. This is a short book with one page devoted to the contributions of each figure. It is concise and well-written. I enjoyed it because it made me look at certain events and people from a different perspective. In some cases, it provided new background information.

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