Berlin at War

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Click for availability and more information Berlin at War, by Roger Moorhouse
Devoted fans of the always-growing collection of non-fiction books dealing with World War II will rejoice with Roger Moorhouse's Berlin at War. An historian specializing in modern German history, Moorhouse begins with the April, 1939 Fuhrerweather, or the series of public celebrations of Adolph Hitler's birthday in Berlin. From that supposedly joyous event, the following months and years which saw the outbreak of war and the increasing destruction of Berlin is documented from various angles. Effectively using diaries, newspaper accounts, and many other primary sources, Moorhouse skillfully constructs life in Berlin under the Nazi regime. While the early days of war were seen by many Berliners as a time of continued powerful German victories, the tide of war began to turn as the relentless Allied bombing began the destruction of a city that many Berliners saw as a safe refuge against the enemy. Moorhouse covers many aspects of Berlin society : the resistance, as weak as it might have been, to the Nazis, the plight of the Jews of Berlin as the Nazis enforced their methodical extermination of them, how average Berliners survived the brutal bombings, and many other situations the city of Berlin endured during the war. Berlin at War is a wonderfully readable and extremely interesting account of life in the capital of The Third Reich during the tumultuous years of World War II.

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