People: Television Shows That Changed Our Lives

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I recently read People: Television Shows That Changed Our Lives, and it just jumped out at me with its "thumbnail" pictures of my favorite characters. This book said more to me by what it didn't say than what the text revealed inside. There were no deep, startling revelations. It contained pictures and brief descriptions of past shows and characters. Yet, it was organized in such a way that made you think about the significance of television as a reflection of society. For instance, the shows were grouped as crowd pleasers, game changers, cult classics, fashion, guilty pleasures and moments. It made me think of the first time I saw Star Trek. We really believed it despite the meager set. All in the Family challenged our social conscience. And everyone anxiously awaited the answer to "who shot J.R.?" Unlike the early days of television, programs began to address all kinds of social issues such as segregation, women's rights, teen pregnancies and homosexuality. This is a very entertaining book. I enjoyed its nostalgic nature. It's a quick and easy read, and it makes you think.

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