Heist Society

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Click for availability and more information Heist Society, by Ally Carter
Katarina Bishop is fifteen years old and has grown up in the "family business", which happens to be stealing priceless art. Kat thought she could start a normal life by enrolling at an exclusive boarding school. Unfortunately, some old friends have other ideas. Kat is reluctantly drawn back into "the game" when she finds out that a dangerous mobster suspects her father of stealing his priceless paintings and has given her two weeks to return them.

Along with her team of accomplished teenage thieves, Kat rounds the globe to track down the paintings and pull off an impossible heist. The plot is filled with lavish settings, slick characters, and a good deal of suspense. This fast-paced and appealing book is nominated for a Teens' Top Ten.

Grades 7 - 10


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