The Reformed Vampire Support Group

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Click for availability and more information The Reformed Vampire Support Group, by Catherine Jinks
If you're looking for powerful, sexy vampires that stare longingly into each others' eyes, look elsewhere because you won't find them here. Apparently being a vampire isn't fun and games, especially when much of your immortal life is spent feeling tired and ill; living on the blood of guinea pigs and vitamins to keep you from "fanging" humans. Fifteen year-old Nina Harrison is part of the ragtag Reformed Vampire Support Group. Since becoming infected thirty years ago, Nina has led a pretty boring life until a vampire is murdered and the Support Group attempts to solve the mystery of his death.

The humans they encounter along the way are unscrupulous, violent and dangerous - all of the qualities humans typically associate with vampires. Since the behavior of the vamps and humans is unpredictable, the plot contains some witty moments, as well as a few twists and turns. Nina learns that humans are capable of change while she comes to terms with her own life as a vampire.

Despite the "sparkly" criticisms of the vampires of the Twilight series, they do have a certain amount of power and mystery that surrounds them. In contrast, Support Group vampires are anemic and introspective. While this initially put me off a bit, the story does have something to say about the danger of stereotypes and value of cooperation.

Age 12 and up


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