Iron Orchid

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Click for availability and more information Iron Orchid, by Stuart Woods
For this reviewer, listening to Stuart Woods's Iron Orchid was the introduction to this very popular author's writing. This is the fourth in his Holly Barker series and is an extremely enjoyable story. Barker has moved from being a police chief in Orchid Beach, FL to a CIA intelligence agent tracking down terrorists. In this adventure, she is chasing Teddy Fay, an assassin on the loose who is killing political figures. The action really gains speed as Barker and other CIA operatives hunt the cunning killer through the streets of New York City. As with all books on cd, the reader can expertly make the story come alive and Carrington MacDuffie gives the listener a great performance with Iron Orchid. Not only is this book on cd recommended, but it also made this reviewer want to seek out more of Stuart Woods's books.

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